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  • Let’s be clear, Archerphoto is basically Sergi Albir.

But everybody knows teamwork is frequently the way best results are achieved. Issues like lighting assistants, make-up, sound crew, hairdressing, creative aid, or editing people can team up to the results. Sergi Albir -yeah, that’s me again – is CEO of Jalalala SL and directs all tasks, but it’s not the only one who’s working.
Sergi is a professional photographer from 2007. He’s also worked as a journalist, economist and he’s been in media from 1992: press, radio, TV. Born in Valencia, Spain, he works mostly there. He is an English-speaking photographer who is writing all this.

My website in English is There you will find most of the content I produce translated in English. Sometimes there are some difference in my texts, however.

Professional photographer in Spain

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