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Capture1 - Philippe
Capture1 – Philippe

«Pilippe» es una historia con la estructura de un drama que, de todos modos, es adaptable a una comedia si es analizada por el espectador que sea consciente de su verdadera esencia. El argumento implica a una chica que está devastada por la pérdida y con el corazón roto por la ausencia de su amante. Desde la perspectiva del espectador, uno solo puede imaginar que la chica perdió a su amante en la más trágica de las circunstancias, pero Philippe, constantemente fuera de plano, solo es una idea para el espectador. La historia está deliberadamente construida para evocar una pena profunda, pero hay un truco: mediante la revelación de la verdadera naturaleza de Philippe, el cortometraje puede volverse una comedia. Localizaciones en Valencia y Castellón, grabadas en 2012.

“Philipe” is a story with the structure of a drama; however, it is adaptable to a comedy, if it is analyzed by a spectator, who is conscious of its true essence. The plot involves a girl who is devastated by loss and brokenhearted by the absence of her lover. From a viewer’s perspective, one can only imagine that she lost him in the most tragic of circumstances, but Phillipe, constantly off camera, is nothing more than an idea to the viewer. The story is deliberately constructed to evoke deep regret and empty sorrow, but there is a trick – by revealing the true nature of Philipe, the movie can become a comedy.
Locations are Valencia and Castellón, Spain, recorded in 2012.

Capture2 -Philippe
Capture2 -Philippe

The team behind the story

Sergio Benet (Valencia, Spain, 1975) and Sergi Albir (Valencia, Spain, 1972) conceived the story several years ago. They have been creating and performing radio comedy shows for years, both as speakers and as writers for different radio stations. Benet has done writing for television (Canal +, Localia) and the Internet in Spain, and Albir has done photography and written articles for El País, a Spanish newspaper, and for his own company, Jalalala, SL.

The actress

África Laguna (Castellón, Spain, 1983) is a journalist, actress, and model. She has been a reporter for Channel 9, Teledeporte, and Canal Extremadura.
In addition, she has appeared in various TV spots and ads for magazines.

África Laguna

The musician

Sebastian Crudeli (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1984) is the performer and composer of “Sin ti,” an outstanding theme perfectly adapted to “Philippe.” It was chosen to be the soundtrack of the short film. Crudeli has performed with many bands, playing live and as a session musician, with “Mentiras a Wendy,” “La Mafia Blues Band,” “Step Out,” “Diego Martín,” and “El Viaje de Elliott.”

IMG_7412 cropped smallzzz
Sebastián Crudeli in a concert

The director

Sergi Albir studied Business and Economics in college. Professionally, he has always been connected with the media. He has worked as photographer, journalist, and writer. He is also the owner of a small company, “Jalalala SL.” In addition to radio and written work, he has produced some videos, a TV pilot, “Poker on Tour,” and he has collaborated in some short movies, “Instrucciones de vuelo sentimental,” “Corazón de gorila,” and “Remordimientos.” Directing “Philippe” is his first experience as a director.

Sergi Albir
Sergi Albir

The Material

“Phillipe” is recorded in full HD 1080p (originally in English). There is a Spanish version with English subtitles, recorded with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 5D Mark III. Editing, photography, and sound are done by Sergi Albir for Jalalala, SL.

Capture3 - Philippe
Capture3 – Philippe


The Premiere

Philippe will be on screen on March 2nd, 17h in Filmoteca Valenciana, Sala Luis García Berlanga, Edificio Rialto, Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 17, Valencia, Spain.



Philipe Trailer 15 seg from Sergi Albir on Vimeo

Sergi Albir

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Capture4 - Philippe
Capture4 – Philippe
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